divendres, de juliol 29, 2022

stsardate: the gift of silence


If the person in front of me is not an enemy but someone with a 'different system of thought' if the other person is not an adversary but someone with different values, there is nothing to fight and no one who stands to gain from my attacks. Another good opportunity for silence, perhaps....

"All of our problems stem from one single cause, out inability to remain at rest in a room. "   Blaise Pascal

In the world of horses, becoming the leader has nothing to do with showing your power, and is more a case of being at service of the group.

And how we acquire and develop unwavering concentration in any given situation? The secret appears to lie in forgetting ourselves.

"Of all those who have nothing to say, the most agreeable are those who do it in silence. " Nicolas de Chamfort

... people's image of the world changes according to their culture and above all their language.  (Edward T. Hall, The hidden dimension)

In Buddhism, this practice is known as 'Noble Silence.' It consists of keeping quiet and allowing words that arise to pass by, leaving them unspoken. Deciding, consciously and deliberately, not to talk. The benefits are numerous. And after a few hours, or a few days, the mind becomes calm.