dimarts, de setembre 07, 2021

stardate: mr's spock little book of mindfulness

(Vulcans) ... they are protectors of diversity and truth.

"Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want."

A Vulcan is far more concerned with being interested than interesting.

"Who is to define if it is a good or a bad thing?"

"I am an old man and have known many troubles, but most of them never happened."

"... What happened before no longer exists, what will happen next has not yet been written. We have only now."

"Past is dead, future is uncertain; present is all you have, so eat, drink and live merry."

In fact, Vulcans are mostly puzzled by insults. If they are true, then they are merely observations. If they are untrue, then they are pointless.