divendres, d’agost 15, 2014

stardate: un tast d’iain banks

m’hi vaig fixar en la secció de ciència ficció. hi havia molts llibres seus. el vaig buscar al google. vaig descobrir un escocès que havia escrit molt, tant ficció com ciència ficció. tenia molt bona pinta i vaig decidir fer un tast amb la seva última novel·la.

Sometimes I think I love him only because he’s there, because there was never anybody else around. I once watched a tv programme about a bunch of ducklings who’d become imprinted, immediately after hatching, on a pair of res wellington boots; they treated the red wellies as if they were their parents, following them everywhere, and always expected to be fed by the person wearing them. Maybe that’s the way I love Guy.

.... you have to partner people in conversations; it’s generally supposed to be a cooperative, not an adversarial process. You’re helping each other to feel your way to some sort of shared meaning, not jousting from either side of the fence.

 We are all greedy ... Some of us are greedy for different things, not always money, but we’re all greedy. I’m greedy as well, we all are. The system we have to work with just acknoewledges that, that’s all.