diumenge, d’abril 11, 2021

stardate: dones i cites


Riana Duncan
women are under-represented as a result of discrimination rather than ability.

simone de beauvoir: The second sex
The point is not for women simply to take power out of men's hands, since that wouldn't change anything about the world. It's a question precisely of destroying that notion of power.

angela davis
no estic acceptant les coses que no puc canviar, estic canviant les coses que no puc acceptar.

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

emily dickinson
we ignore our own stature until we stand up.

emily dickinson: We never know how high we are (1176)

We never know how high we are
Till we are called to rise;
And then, if we are true to plan,
Our statures touch the skies—
The Heroism we recite
Would be a daily thing,
Did not ourselves the Cubits warp
For fear to be a King—

lourdes beneria
jo veig tres línies. Primer, promocionar sectors que puguin afavorir el treball de les dones i tenir clar quines indústries posen la vida al centre, a les quals s’ha de donar suport, i quines no. Segon, empènyer l’estat a protegir cada vegada més les tasques de cura. Per exemple, a Espanya no hi ha prou guarderies, és el país de la Unió Europea que en té menys. I, tercer, ajudar i repartir el treball en l’esfera reproductiva.

marylin monroe
women who seek to be equal with men, lack ambition.

dita molt comuna
que la meva mare o la meva avia ho pugui entendre

d.h. lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s lover
She was too feminine to be quite smart.

mary beard: Women and power
A woman speaking in public was, in most circumstances, by definition not a woman.

It is still the case that when listeners hear a female voice, they do not hear a voice that connotes authority.

How can we make ourselves more aware about the processes and prejudices that make us not listen to her.

... if women are not perceived to be fully within the structures of power, surely it is power that we need to redefine rather than women.

... the presence of large numbers of women in parliament means that parliament is where power is not. (Saudi Arabian National Council)

What I have in mind is the ability to be effective, to make a difference in the world, and the right to be taken seriously, together as much as individually.

virginia woolf: The death of the moth and other essays
Professions for women
Even when the path is nominally open—when there is nothing to prevent a woman from being a doctor, a lawyer, a civil servant— there are many phantoms and obstacles, as I believe, looming in her way. To discuss and define them is I think of great value and importance; for thus only can the labour be shared, the difficulties be solved. But besides this, it is necessary also to discuss the ends and the aims for which we are fighting, for which we are doing battle with these formidable obstacles. Those aims cannot be taken for granted; they must be perpetually questioned and examined. The whole position, as I see it—here in this hall surrounded by women practising for the first time in history I know not how many different professions—is one of extraordinary interest and importance. You have won rooms of your own in the house hitherto exclusively owned by men. You are able, though not without great labour and effort, to pay the rent. You are earning your five hundred pounds a year. But this freedom is only a beginning—the room is your own, but it is still bare. It has to be furnished; it has to be decorated; it has to be shared. How are you going to furnish it, how are you going to decorate it? With whom are you going to share it, and upon what terms? These, I think are questions of the utmost importance and interest. For the first time in history you are able to ask them; for the first time you are able to decide for yourselves what the answers should be.

najat el hachmi: sempre han parlat de nosaltres
... la dita de Rosa Luxemburg quan diu que qui no es mou no nota les cadenes.

l'islam no es bo per a les dones perquè l¡islam, com qualsevol altra religió monoteista, ha estat inventat, difós i imposat pels homes i pel sistema que en perpetua el poder, l'artista anteriorment conegut com a patriarcat.

carme karr
no som, com alguns creuen, per ser feministes, enemigues de l'home...
però som enemigues de les injustícies de certes lleis, fetes pels homes.